Canadian Science Scholarship






JUNE 2018



 First Participants 2014

Joshua McFadden and Bonnie Calswell

with Baird Society Chair Christopher Markwell 


I.     General

The Baird of Bute Society has since 2014 offered a Canadian Science Scholarship and invites applications for each of the two places in the 2018 Programme.

The Scholarship is offered in June 2018 – ideally commencing as close to June 1st as possible dictated by participant school requirements.


II.   Background

The Society

The Scholarship has been developed by the Baird of Bute Society which offers programmes to young people across Scotland. The Society was established to honour Andrew Blain Baird a humble Bute blacksmith who in 1910 achieved the First Attempted All-Scottish Heavier than Air Powered Flight in an aircraft of his own design and manufacture.

The Society employs Baird’s example to Inspire the youth of Scotland to Aspire to greatness in their lives.



The purpose of the Canadian Science Scholarship is to provide two young people the opportunity to acquire experiences and skills to allow each to better succeed in their upcoming university studies.

The Scholarship Participant spends between two weeks in the Baird of Bute Society’s “Bench to Bedside” programme in a number of  mainly Toronto based participating i nstitutions and organizations. Dr Patrick Gunning’s University of Toronto research facilities provides the bench while with Dr Markwell they will be immersed in several healthcare related facilities.

Through these opportunities, the Participant will enhance his/her science knowledge and skill and will have numerous opportunities for multi-disciplinary networking, continuing education, and access to a wide range of life science expertise in a variety of health care settings. The Baird of Bute Society Canadian Science Scholarship provides a unique opportunity for the Participant to broaden and deepen his/her interest in and understanding of Science.


III.   The Scholarship Programme

The Scholarship Programme is entitled “From Bench to Bedside” and follows Life Science from the genesis of an idea, to research, development, testing, clinical and human trials and ethical issues all the way to its introduction at the bedside.                 


Faculty and Facilities (Timing and locations subject to possible modification)

As an introduction to the breadth and depth of Science the Programme begins at the Ontario Science Centre.


i.      Ontario Science Centre – Toronto (2.0 days)

The Ontario Science Centre delights, informs and challenges, enriching people’s lives and understanding through engagement with science of local, national and global relevance. Since 1969, the Ontario Science Centre has welcomed more than 50 million visitors, with an interactive approach that was the model for Science Centres around the world. It is the public centre for innovative thinking and provocative dialogue in science and technology, aiming to inspire a lifelong journey of curiosity, discovery and action to create a better future for the planet.  



Prof. Dr Patrick Gunning hosts the participants for the “Bench” portion of the programme at the University of Toronto Mississauga Campus.



ii.     University of Toronto – Mississauga (4.0 - 5.0 days)

The UofT Mississauga is the home of the Gunning Group, one of the world’s most celebrated bio- Chemistry research teams currently working on a drug which is aimed at treating three forms of Cancer. Here the Participants experience hands on experience at all stages of this research.



Prof. Dr Hazel Markwell, hosts the Participants for their trip through the steps to move Science from the Bench to the Bedside at a number of research and healthcare facilities in Toronto and a variety of other locations and leads them through a qualification process in the issues involved in the ethical conduct of research involving human participants


iii.   Health Care Facilities (2.0 to 3.0 days)

The Scholarship programme is supported by a number of Canada’s hospitals affording scholarship Participants the opportunity to understand the connection between research and patient care.


iv.  The Mentors in Canada 


Mr. Christopher Markwell - Scholarship Host and Chair of the Baird of Bute Society 

Dr. Patrick Gunning PhD - Assistant Professor and Head of the Gunning Group 

Dr. Hazel Markwell PhD - Associate Professor and Chair of Bioethics, St Paul (Ottawa) University and President Markwell Ethics Inc.


IV.  Eligibility Requirements

The Baird of Bute Society welcomes high-quality nominations from young people who meet the essential criteria:


 ·           High academic achievement

·            Good character

·            Can use the experience to have positive impact on others

·            Citizen or permanent resident of Scotland

·            Possess a passport valid until at least December of 2018

·            Meets Canadian Government Visitor admission requirements

·            18 years of age by June 1st of 2018 

·            Progressing towards a Scottish University in a Life Science or related programme

·            No criminal record

·            Record of community involvement

·            Team player

·            Proposed, endorsed and supported by their school

·            Prepared to maintain daily blog with other participants

·            Prepared to complete weekly blog during 1st year of University

·            Able to be insured for Visitors to Canada health insurance coverage

·            Submit a personal Letter of Application

·            Agree to be interviewed, as required, for selection (in person or on-line)

·            Possess immunization as may be required by participating institutions


          Proposed, endorsed and supported by their school

          Fundraising as might be required to cover personal incidentals and travel to/from           Glasgow airport


V.  How to apply

The School

Participating Scottish schools present the opportunity to potential participants – s upported by posters, videos and printed materials.  

The School may present one selected and supported candidate for review and consideration by the Baird of Bute Society.

The Student

Students who have been informed of and wish to pursue the opportunity must approach their Head of Year, Guidance Teacher or Head Teacher and request an application. (In granting the application the school has indicated it would consider the student’ for their supported nomination).

The Student must return the completed Application (Exhibit A) to the specified individual at the school.

The School

One nomination will be accepted from each school. The nomination with the completed application, the applicant’s letter of interest and the school’s letter for support must be e- mailed to no later than February 1, 2018.

The Baird of Bute Society

By March 1, 2018 selected candidates will be contacted for an interview to be conducted i n person, by phone and or internet connection.

By March 15, 2018 the two successful participants will be advised of their selection and the dates and agenda of the Scholarship programme.

Note: The Scholarship programme will commence and terminate at Glasgow Airport, it being the responsibility of the participant (perhaps locally assisted) to provide required transportation. However, the selected candidate may, if required, request assistance with these expenses from the Baird of Bute Society.




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SAMPLE  PARTICIPANT BLOGS  (programme locations subject change)