Society Launches new Baird Book


My father and I are honoured to have the achievements of our forefather Andrew Baird recognised in the contents of this book. As a result of the centenary celebrations in 2010 at Ettrick Bay, the renaming of Kingarth airstrip in his honour, the reception at Mount Stuart House and the Baird ceilidh in its elegant Marble Hall, Andrew Baird is now a household name to the people of Bute. These events have also prompted the Baird family to rekindle their interest in the life and achievements of my grandfather. Andrew Baird’s interest in early aviation came to him as a hobby and ultimately progressed to the realisation of his own personal dream to fly. Thanks to the Baird of Bute Society and the author Christopher Markwell for bringing these facts to light again, both to the people of Bute and Scotland and to ourselves.

Andrew Baird III, Arbroath, Scotland